Hi! I'm Juan, a Software Architect
in the Queretaro area.

I have over 10 years of experience developing custom websites and
web applications using PHP, .NET, MySQL and SQL Server.
My favorite frameworks are Cake PHP and ZEND and my favorites
CMS are Joomla and WordPress.

About Me

My goal is to help your company succeed by applying my talents, skills, experience and creativity to your position. Consider me for your position because unlike many others, I put your company in first place. What makes me different is that I do something that others don’t, I go the extra mile. I am the type of person that if he is challenged to learn a new trade or a new career, I make sure that I learn everything pertaining to that field.

Latest Projects

Software Architecture

Manage the IVR Asterisk server. Build web services as needed. Ex. Integrated the back office with multiple vendors. Write custom applications for jail kiosks. Redesign and upgrade PHP payment portals. PCI compliance requirements.

Sencha Web Applications(Kiosk)

Built Sencha Touch Applications. Added features to existing PHP systems.

Social Network

I built the iOS application for this website. Reviewed features of the website and wrote the web services. Using Soap UI I created complex unit testing cases to make sure my web services pass QA.

Backend Redesing

I redesigned and added more features to this website. This is a custom website using the Cake PHP Framework and MySQL. Created the core PHP components and a CMS that manage all aspects of the website like build pages, manage coupon codes, users, lessons, transcripts and convert videos to different formats using FFMPEG over Linux. I also wrote a project plan and implemented a new strategy for an affiliate referral process which helped us to increase over 100K paid users in Jan 2014.

Contact me

I'd be happy to help!